Warrior Within Bug !!

I m not sure if this was an intentional bug in the game.But its definitely one of the simplest hacks you could use . This hack is applicable in the “Water and Gardens” level  [ of Prince of Persia – Warrior Within ] .



Location : Once you save the game , and exit through the palace walls – you would  end up in the above scenario [ with the prince standing outside the door in the center left of the above image … The image shows the prince standing @ a different location ,coz this is a snapshot from the latter part of the level..]

You turn the huge knob which closes the door thru which you came in and opens another. You walk through it , and kill a demon thats overlooking the sea. You take the stairs and right in front of you is a platform like projection from the wall.Pulling this down triggers a “block”[located to the left hand side of the price]  to go up .


However, there are four demons that you need to slay. You could choose to spend time killing these demons ..and these would eventually call for reinforcements if you take a little longer. The reinforcements would be the shadow demons – the ones which annoy you with the standard and redundant dialog “Dont you know prince, you cant kill a shadow”. Playing could be a little more annoying in their presence.

The Hack : Pull down the platform, loose grip of it…quickly run to the left before the block completely levels to ground..climb up the block .. run up the wall and do a wall jump [ the one  that does a somersault off the wall ] . This kills all the demons on the ground except for may be one.This hack works even if the shadow demon is present.

Possible explanation : Generally the demons that we fight in the game have a spatial restriction. They do not follow us beyond a certain space.Also once the gamer proceeds beyond a space, the demons disappear or get killed automatically.This is done on the assumption that the gamer is proceeding with the game and wouldnt return to the same state again. In programming terms, these demons would occupy some resources, once the gamer proceeds, these resources would be reclaimed to put used for other purposes.When the prince does the somersault, he momentarily goes to the next part and the game quickly kills the demons in the previous part (ie) the ones standing below you, on the assumption that you would return to the same state.However,this seems like  a subjective design flaw and might not be possible in other parts of the game.


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